DUST DZUD DROUGHT DESERTIFICATION 4D Contributing to dryland society by integrating dryland disaster science under increasing extreme climate events

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Disasters in dry Eurasia can be characterized as the '4Ds': drought, dzud, dust storms and desertification that occur interactively. The project aims at interrelating the 4D disasters in terms of their causal mechanisms (especially drought memory) and the timescales of their occurrence.



dzud drought desertification dust


  • Desert and Climate (revised ed.)
  • Masato Shinoda
  • Seizando Shoten



We are contributing to an improvement of the dryland nature?society system that is among the most vulnerable to climate hazards. We introduce these activities.

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We introduce field sites and activities of this project.

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Field Work


  • Masato SHINODA
    (Principal Investigator)
    Professor, Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Nagoya University
    Climatology, Arid Land Studies
    The field of specialization includes ecological climatology, i.e., study on eco-climate system dynamics; drought sciences, dust emission mechanism, and early warning system of dryland natural disasters. My study area covers world arid regions extending from Africa to central Asia and Mongolia.
    I served as author or expert reviewer of the Second to Fourth Assessment Reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 and as a leader of dust study under the Global Center of Excellence for Dryland Science program by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.
  • 黒沢 洋一
  • 佐藤 源之
    東北大学 東北アジア研究センター 教授
    Motoyuki SATO , Professor, Center for Northeast Asian Studies, Tohoku University
    電波を利用した地球観測には衛星・航空機合成開口レーダー (SAR)や地表測定用地中レーダ(GPR)など、多様なレーダー装置が利用されている。これまで電波で地中を視るGPRと衛星から観測する SARを組み合わせ、環境保全を目的として地下水や土壌水分を計測する研究を、モンゴル、ロシア、中国、韓国などの東北アジア地域を対象に行ってきた。一 方、最先端GPR技術を利用して我々が開発したALIS(エーリス)はカンボジアで80個以上 の地雷を除去する成果をあげている。国内では地表設置型合成開口 レーダー(GB-SAR)による地滑りモニタリングを栗原市で2012年から継続しているほか、津波被災地の住宅高台移転に伴う緊急遺跡調査へのGPR技 術の供与など、電波科学による積極的な防災・減災への取り組みを続けている。
  • Akinori SHIMADA
    Professor, School of Life and Environmental Science, Azabu University
    Veterinary Science, Veterinary Pathology, Toxicologic Pathology
    Neuropathological study of the inherited brain disease of sheep and study of aged dog brain as a model of human brain aging resulted in master degree (Veterinary Science, Massey University, New Zealand) and Ph.D. (Veterinary Science, Hokkaido University), respectively. Following the research period at the University of Western Australia (Neurobiology laboratory) and Tottori University (Professor, Department of Veterinary Pathology), I moved to Azabu University in 2012.
  • 立入 郁
    海洋研究開発機構 統合的気候変動予測研究分野 主任研究員 (分野長代理)
    Kaoru TACHIIRI, Senior Scientist (Deputy Director), Department of Integrated Climate Change Projection Research, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
    Yoshihiro Iijima
    Senior Researcher, Research & Develop Center for Global Change, JAMSTEC
    Climatology, Land-atmosphere interaction in cold region
    The study field is the interaction between land surface processes and atmospheric climate system in the cold continental region mainly using field observations of meteorological and hydrological components. Satellite data analysis and land surface process model in a multi-scale are another proficient skills in cooperated with climate data analysis. Study area is northern part of Eurasia, such as Siberia, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan. Participation in GRENE Arctic climate change research program promoted by MEXT.
  • Hiroshi KOMIYAMA
    Director, Research Planning and Coordination Division, Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences (JIRCAS)
    Agricultural Economics
    I received Ph.D. in Economics (on Agriculture in Mongolia) from the Graduate School of Economics at Tokyo International University. My career until the present position covered secretary of Japanese Embassy in Brunei, JICA expert (in charge of agricultural policy) seconded to the Ministry of Agriculture in Mongolia, and Assistant Director of International Cooperation Division, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Japan.
  • 黒崎 泰典
  • 尾崎 孝宏
    鹿児島大学 法文学部 准教授
    Takahiro OZAKI, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, Economics and Humanities, Kagoshima University
    文化人類学 内陸アジア地域研究
    Reiji KIMURA
    Associate Professor, Arid Land Research Center, Tottori University
    I received D.Sc. in meteorology from the Tohoku University. My research career until the present position covered a part-time associate professor of Institute for Bioresources (Present: Institute of Plant Science and Resources), assistant professor of University of Ryukyus.
    Takehiko Ito
    Assistant Professor, Arid Land Research Center, Tottori University
    Animal Ecology, Conservation Biology
    Main research targets are movement ecology and conservation ecology of wild mammals in Mongolia. I am also focusing on effects of droughts and severe winters on wild animals. To study such isuues, I am using satellite tracking, remote sensing of environments, geographic imformation system (GIS) analysis, and ground surveys.
  • 大谷 眞二
  • 田村 憲司
  • 中野 智子
    中央大学経済学部 教授
    Tomoko NAKANO, Professor, Faculty of Economics, Chuo University
    気候学 生物地球化学
  • 森永 由紀
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